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Jarrah, also known as Eucalyptus marginata is a Eucalyptus tree unique to the southwest of Western Australia. The tree and the wood are usually referred to by the Aboriginal name jarrah. Its long, straight trunks of richly coloured and beautifully grained termite-resistant timber make it valuable for cabinet making, flooring, panelling and outdoor furniture. The finished lumber has a deep rich reddish-brown colour and an attractive grain. Learn more


Marri, also known as Corymbia calophylla is a bloodwood native to Western Australia. Sometimes referred to as Port Gregory Gum and Red Gum due to the red gum effusions often found on trunks. The timber is honey coloured and has a unique vein structure. Learn more


Eucalyptus patens has been known as yarri, blackbutt, Swan River blackbutt and WA blackbutt. It is similar to the jarrah and it is usually found in jarrah forests alongside this tree. It is unique and rare timber from the southwest of Western Australia. Learn more

Australian Timbers


Victorian ash can refer to the wood of either of the trees Eucalyptus regnans or Eucalyptus delegatensis, when it is sourced from the state of Victoria. The wood is easy to work and the grain is straight with long, clear sections without knots. Its pale blonde colour is highly prized for furniture, flooring, panelling and veneers. This wood is highly regarded by builders, furniture makers and architects. Learn more


Eucalyptus obliqua, also known as Australian Oak or Tasmanian Oak, is a hardwood tree native to south-eastern Australia. The sapwood is pale brown, the heartwood light brown. It has an even texture, with straight grains sometimes interlocked, and well-defined rings. Learn more

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