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The term contemporary, at its most base meaning, refers to things “of the moment”. Many people use the words "modern and contemporary" interchangeably when referring to furniture design; however, this is generally considered not quite accurate. "Modern" design generally refers to design of the middle of last century, recently coined rather obviously "Mid-Century"!

Today, contemporary, in regards to furniture, refers to characteristics such as natural materials, expansive neutral tones with accents of colour, and low, clean lines.

Where modern design has a specific look and feel, contemporary design is always changing, due in part to technological changes through the sourcing of new materials and the creation of new manufacturing processes and treatments. Design changes to accommodate the shifting preferences, tastes, and needs of the people who live there.

Recently, our contemporary design style utilises beautiful naturally sourced local timbers, created by local furniture artisans and consist of elegant, simple smooth lines and finishes.