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At Bespoke Furniture Gallery, we have a vast range of Lowline TV Units to suit all your entertainment needs; from different finishes and sizes, to accommodating all sizes and shapes of modern televisions and entertainment centres. We have some of the finest, locally hand crafted Lowline TV Units made right here in Perth, WA.

We love working in solid Jarrah and Marri for a uniquely Western Australian touch, but also create timeless furniture pieces in other timbers such as oak, blackbutt, walnut or any other available timber that suits your taste.

Our contemporary and classic designs can incorporate other mediums such as lacquer, glass and steel, along with innovative hardware to truly make a functional yet aesthetically beautiful TV unit.

Come in and browse our current display, you might find the perfect piece in store,  or alternatively our furniture designs can be customised to meet your specific needs, let your imagination run wild!

Below is a small sampling of what we offer. Feel free to gives us a call or drop by with any questions you may have.